Digital Nomads

How to Live, Work and Play around the World

We are at the brink of a revolution that changes the way we live, work and play. And the good news is – you can be part of it.

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  • Digital Nomads

    How to Live, Work & Play Around the World

    Distance is an illusion. We are lucky to live in an age where planes and communication technologies have made the world smaller than ever. New opportunities galore. We are at the brink of a revolution that changes the way we live, work and play. And the good news is – you can be part of it.

    Life doesn’t have to be a rat race. Why toil away in an office when you could be working from a hammock? Why postpone that round-the-world trip until your retirement? Why retire at all when work can be fun?

    A growing army of digital nomads are finding their own answers to these questions. Armed with a laptop, they follow their dreams and live unforgettable adventures. Are you ready to join in their footsteps and make the world your playground? This book takes you by the hand:

    • Inspiring stories from digital nomads in the trenches
    • A step-by-step guide to setting up your online business
    • How to design your own international masterplan
    • Productivity tricks for working while on the road
    • The countries your money stretches furthest
    • Discover where digital nomads meet and chill

    Don’t waste any more time in that office prison. This book is your way out. But be warned – your life is about to change, big-time!

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    “To many people, being a digital nomad still seems like a dream lifestyle that’s not attainable. This book changes all of that for you by revealing everything you need to know to be fully prepared for a location independent life, from what to pack, where to stay, to your ideal tax setup, how to get the best WiFi and everything in between. It’s quite possibly the most complete guide to quitting your job, going on the road, traveling the world and having the most amazing time. The question is…. are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?”
    Natalie Sisson,
    “The most complete guide to quitting your job, going on the road, traveling the world and having the most amazing time.”
    Natalie Sisson,

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    About the authors

    Esther Jacobs (1970) is a motivational speaker who inspires entrepreneurs and organizations worldwide. She has visited 100+ countries, never staying longer than six weeks. In between travels, Esther hangs her hat in Amsterdam, Spain and the Caribbean.

    André Gussekloo (1980) is equally fascinated by travel and the Internet. As a copywriter he has worked remotely from Southeast Asia and Central America. Part of the year, André is based in the Canary Islands.

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    Release date: Feb 11th, 2016

    7 reviews for Digital Nomads

    1. Administrator (verified owner)


      “In my opinion, this book is not well labeled. It is not only a travel, but also a philosophy book. Above all, this is a book about freedom. Even for those of us who are not so ‘digital’ it provides a lot of insights. In my case it has challenged me to distinguish between what I consider necessary in my daily life and what only represents an unnecessary weight. This book is packed with practical tools and tips; products of real life experiences. It is a comprehensive book that lists not only the highlights of digital nomad life, but also the “shadows” of this lifestyle. Both the authors and guests of the most diverse professions share their experiences.”

      Adrian Hector Luna, Ontological Coach / Tango teacher, op

    2. Administrator (verified owner)

      The Ultimate Guide for Becoming a Digital Nomad

      “Learn how thousands of people around the world are telecommuting, working remotely, traveling full or part-time doing what they love. Many guides emphasize the travel aspect while skipping over finances. This guide covers banking, taxes, legal issues, 6-flag theory and more. Digital Nomads tackles every obstacle, fear and excuse the reader may have for not working remotely. The co-authors have worked and traveled the world and share their own personal experiences and that of many other nomads. After reading the case studies presented here, your head will be spinning with ideas. Highlight it, take notes. This guide includes a wealth of links and resources. This is the best gift you can give to students, young professionals and anyone tired of the daily commute to an office every morning. I highly recommend it!”

      Kim Brooks op

    3. Administrator (verified owner)

      The bible for all digital nomads and those who need a final push to radically change their way of life

      “I was lucky enough to receive a pre-launch copy. I loved it from the first page. It is a mixture of inspiring real-life stories and up to date advice. Particularly, I liked the the tax and financial advice and banking issues modern digital nomads still have to struggle with – a lot of other books just skip this topic.

      Reading through the book, you will recognize that this not a fad, but a lifestyle model that will establish itself as a superior form of living for the many changes to come. I highly recommend any person who is interested in a new way life, with a true work-life balance and all established digital nomads to get this book. ”

      David op

    4. Administrator (verified owner)

      Best book about digital nomad, I have read so far!

      “This book has so much information that I am surprise about his low price. It is worth every penny. I read half of it already and it has so many great tips. It is a big book and also easy to scan and go for what you need right away. I am a digital nomad myself already and thought that I won’t learn much from it. I was wrong. I am still learning new things from it. It is the best book about the subject that I have read so far!!”

      Amazon customer

    5. Administrator (verified owner)

      Covers A-Z of Digital Nomading

      “Great read! The book is divided in three sections: Live, Work and Play. Each section covers a lot of useful information and practical advice. What I like most about the book is that it is realistic, it does not give a glamorous picture of the DN lifestyle; it brings up the problems that DNs face and gives heads up with an advice.”

      Shivan Dana Jalal op

    6. Administrator (verified owner)

      5.0 out of 5 stars… about six years and this is by far the best resource on the topic I’ve seen

      “I’ve been a digital nomad for about six years and this is by far the best resource on the topic I’ve seen. Being a digital nomad and not living in one place comes with a number of challenges and these are addressed in a very elaborate way in this book. Extremely helpful!”

      J. Ribbers op

    7. Administrator (verified owner)

      I loved the way the authors gave tons of actual websites …

      “This book was really informative. I loved the way the authors gave tons of actual websites and names of specific people to contact to help you transition into this lifestyle. This made the book immediately useful, unlike most books of this type which tend to be more inspirational and don’t give much technical information. I did want to see more information targeted towards Americans, however, on second thought, maybe its a good thing they didn’t. If you are looking for more of a resource guide that will tell you the best places to go, how to live there and also cover sticky topics such as jobs, taxes, passports, citizenships etc, this book is a really good place to start.”

      Nlnibell op

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