The Power of Philanthropy

The Power of Philanthropy contains the most uplifting and impacting stories of how persistence has shaped the greatest leaders in business and life in general. Have you ever wondered what the difference is between those who have enormous success and those who just barely make it by? This book will show you why persistence is the number one skill the greatest successes have, and most importantly, how you can have it too!

A book featuring today’s top business leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and coaches on what it takes to be successful in today’s fast-paced market.

Including Esther’s ‘Coins for Care’ story of how she collected $25 million for charity without any experience, network or budget. Esther is the only philanthropist from outside the USA to be included in the book.

Told in the inspirational tradition of The Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, Justin Sachs’ The Power of Philanthropy Book is a book that will forever change your life.

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The Power of Philanthropy

The Power of Philanthropy is a collection of stories that represent the most extraordinary individuals who are contributing at the highest levels in making a bold difference in the world. It includes stories of non-profit organizations, corporations, entrepreneurs and more who all have one thing in common: their commitment to being of service to others has made a measurable difference in the lives of many.

About the Author

Justin Sachs is the chairman of the board of Justin Sachs Companies, a group of companies that provide high-level services to business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporations worldwide. Sachs work has been acknowledged by presidents, congressmen, world-renowned business leaders, nonprofit executives, authors, and entrepreneurs alike for his ability to achieve extraordinary results.

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Price info: $7.99 – $24.95


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