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Digital Nomad workshop: October 7th, Amsterdam

Are you considering a location independent lifestyle? Are you already on the road or preparing to leave your home country behind?

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The Entrepreneur House: Oct. 26 – Nov. 24, 2017

Focused, without distractions, with like-minded people and expert guidance. A month of working under the palm trees in Thailand.

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Write your book in 1 week: May 24-31 2018, Mallorca

Grant yourself one week to let that long sought-after dream come true. You will return home with a much improved or extended version of your book.

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“It was incredible. I voluntarily paid 5 times more than what I had intended.”

“I am going back home with an endless ‘to do list’ and for the first time I am really looking forward. So much inspiration!”

“The best part were the other participants… I really enjoyed their company.”

“If you cannot find the time or focus in your hectic daily life, I really recommend this workshop.”

Jolanda Wicherson, ondernemer

“If you get stuck, Esther listens to what you wanted to say and simply writes it down for you. What a relief!”

Floor Schuttevaer

“I also learned a lot about social media.”

Nicole Bekking

“I have been inspired and infected by Esther’s energy and her confidence.”

Inge Vuijk

“By just being around Esther, everybody starts to believe in themselves! She shares her knowledge with lots of energy, enthusiasm and humor. Lovely!”

Barbara Sevenstern

“It gives a lot of energy to all work on the same thing; something we have always wanted to…”

Brenda van Dijk

“Had I been at home, I would have quit. Now I continued, past the difficult moments.”

Geert Kamps

“I felt like a racehorse at the start. When the gate opened: I felt the adrenaline and raced like crazy!”

Jacoline Steegstra

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Cruise your business: Nov. 26 – Dec. 13, 2018

Cruise the Atlantic from Barcelona to Buenos Aires, with several interesting stops (Brazil!), be inspired by Esther’s workshops, focus on your project?

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Private workshop ‘Write your book in one week’. Available on request

If the date of the workshop ‘Write your book in 1 week’ is not convenient for you, book a private workshop with Esther any time you like.

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